Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Master Seminar for Authors Coming Soon

Chip MacGregor, Tiffany Colter and a group of ACFW authors are hosting a Master Seminar in various cities across the country. They’ll be coming to Portland in the spring (2010) and more information will be posted as the time draws closer. This is for published and/or contracted authors. Here’s some basic info, and we’ll be sending out an email showing a member discount via our Yahoo group. Email Miralee Ferrell (miralee at gorge dot net) if you have further questions.

What are the Master Seminars?

The Master Seminars are a series of events to be held across the US covering marketing and craft. Each city we go to will cover a single topic. The first two events [Nov. in Dallas and Dec. in Indianapolis] are on marketing. These events are limited to 16 participants. Each participant will leave with an actual step-by-step plan for marketing their novel. This is customized to each person and you will be able to brainstorm with Chip and Jim on your own project. Jim is a full time marketer and Chip is a top agent. We also have two different seminars on craft. One is on writing bestselling fiction and the other is on adding depth to your fiction. Again, these will be done with top authors [Susan May Warren, Lisa Samson and Susan Meissner] working side by side with you on your specific project.

These seminars are designed to help authors master their craft and master their marketing. In one weekend you can save time and money you would have wasted on trying old, worn out ideas. Our goal is to have authors leave these seminars with new excitement for their writing and a very clear plan to reach their writing goals both in craft and in sales.

1. Who are these events for?
These seminars are designed for contracted and published authors.

2. Is there a fee?
Yes, there is a fee of $399 for the November/December events in Dallas and Indianapolis. The other events are $500 BUT we may extend a special discount to our zones and chapter members.

3. How does this benefit our chapter/zone?
There are both direct and indirect benefits to your zone.

a. First, we all root for each other in ACFW, so these events offer a chance for members of our chapters to get the skills necessary to build a strong writing career.

b. Next, we will have non-ACFW members at our events and we want to promote the participating zones/chapters to our attendees. We will be distributing ACFW brochures in our marketing materials. We want to point these published and contracted authors to the local zones where they can get connected locally.

c. Third, Tiffany would like to have a promotional event in each city, if possible. Each meeting extends Friday-Saturday and goes from 9am-5pm. She would love to hold a multi-author book signing at a local bookstore or other event that is put on by the local ACFW chapter and The Master Seminars. If this is not possible then she would like to offer other ideas to draw attention the local media to The Master Seminars and the Local chapters/Zones of ACFW. Some ideas are a meet-and-greet or she could come and speak on business principles for aspiring writers.

Please email Miralee Ferrell (miralee at gorge dot net) if you have questions.